Our Stories

M2Cherish Shop founded in San Francisco. Two college friends, Mai and Maria, formed an online platform that allows them to express their vision on simple things that are surrounding their daily lives. Given their first initials, Mai and Maria led to M2, and Cherish is something inspired from their everyday lives like traveling, gardening, cooking, journaling, sketching, painting, and values of their cultures. They are still designing their products but no longer have their products made in their studio. They've worked with their fulfillment partners to make their products based in the US and Europe.

They also focused on helping local artists make connections with their audiences and telling their unique stories through their arts. So you may see a broad range of beautifully handcrafted, well-designed products on this site, which some are handmade by local artisans working out of small studios and employing traditional techniques.

The shop features items may not be focused on trends or anticipating what the market prefers. But most products and designs reflect their cultures and treasures aesthetically for a simple lifestyle.