The Lunar New Year of OX 2021

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The Lunar New Year is coming in few weeks, and I can't believe time fly by this fast, feel like last Lunar Rat 2020 year just passed not too long ago because we all had to shelter-in-place for most of the year.  I assumed everyone agreed that last Rat lunar year was a crazy and sad year for everyone, especially the previous year the pandemic outbreak started during Chinese New Year in Wuhan, China. As almost a year now,  the world is still facing a challenging situation that didn't get better as we wanted to. This year, we all hope we can have a better 2021 year, let the pandemic get behind us, and we all can get back to our everyday lives.

In tradition, before the Chinese New Year, we usually like to decorate our home with a couple of red spring couplet (春聯). This year, I decided to make some wooden spring couplets for friends and family to welcome the OX 2021 year to come.  I usually like to document my creative process with quick speed video without sound. But this time, I thought I integrated lively music into this video would be cheerful and welcoming to the spring festival to come!

Woodcut Chinese Calligraphy

I used a scroll saw to cut a word of Fortune in Chinese Calligraphy. The wooden calligraphy incorporated a graphic of OX.

Wooden Chinese CalligraphyAbove this spring couplet means "The fortune is coming"

Chinese Spring Couplet for OX year 2021On the other side of the paper, I wrote "Fortune with an OX head" in Chinese Calligraphy style with a Chinese Brush.

Wooden Chinese Calligraphy

Woodcut Chinese Calligraphy

This is the final look of my wooden spring couplet, can you see the OX head? : )


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