Speeding Drawing of Chrysanthemum & Persimmons

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The fall season is officially here. Persimmon and chrysanthemum are the popular subject matters in Chinese brush painting to welcome the fall season. Persimmon is one of my favorite fruit. I remembered the first time I had persimmon was from my grandmother. I remembered persimmon was quite precious and expensive in my home country because they were imported. Chrysanthemum is the queen of the fall flower, and it is an essential flower in our culture. Chrysanthemums are the topic in hundreds of poems and paintings of China. Chrysanthemum tea is one of my favorite tea when I'm feeling under the weather. It may help you reduce inflammation in my body; we referred to that in Chinese as "heat in the body."
Chrysanthemum tea serves as a good source of vitamins A and C, and it manifests in many ways, from dry mouth to skin breakouts. When I go to a dim sum restaurant, Chrysanthemum tea is always on my top list.

Above is my speed drawing of the Chrysanthemum flower and a little teapot, which represent chrysanthemum tea. I added persimmons in the picture to emphasize the spirit of fall.

I'm not a master of Chinese painting; I fall in love with Chinese Brush art and Chinese calligraphy after the trip to China in 2019. After I came back, I enrolled in some Chinese Calligraphy and Chinese Brush painting classes online. Now I'm using this blog to document my creative process. I incorporated some of the practice sketches into my mug design along the way.  


This is the original painting; I added a plate under the persimmons after the speed drawing above.  I thought it made a better composition. I scanned the painting,  touched up a little in photoshop.Bblue

I converted the color from grayscale to Classic Blue, which is consistent with my other mug collection. I also took out the poem in Calligraphy because I don't think my calligraphy is good enough on products yet.


The Center of the Mug

Autumn chrysanthemum Mug

The Left Side of the Mug is the Teapot.

Chrysanthemum Mug

The right side of the mug is the persimmons.


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