Quarantine time in San Francisco

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San Francisco Bay Bridge Scene During Pandemic

San Francisco got lockdown since March 18, 2020. Most of the San Franciscans (and for most people )need to work from home except essential workers. These few months, I have more time for projects that have been put aside for years, and I have time to read many books also re-evaluate the goals of my life. These few months, I have gotten to know myself better. I probably like many others enjoying a bit of escapism through cooking and gardening, which I didn't spend much time doing before the pandemic. And now, I might as well start writing a blog again.

Maple in my backyard

This maple tree has been in my backyard for years. One April sunny day, I looked up from the ground, and I saw the vibrant color this red maple leaves shined through my eyes. Then I realized when we slow down our pace; we definitely can see the beauty of nature a little better. : )

Cherry BlossomCherry Blossoms in April. 

sewingPlease wear a mask in public

We made our masks because all the masks sold out even before Shelter in Place. On top of that, we also want to leave the medical masks to the essential workers as they need it importantly.

Pastel De NataGuilty Pleasure Pastel De Nata

We took a pastel de Nata making class in Portugal last year.  Turned out OK, but it didn't taste the same when we were in Portugal. : (

Cooking with Wok
Home cooking is always the best

99% we cooked at home during the quarantine, and of course, 99% is Asian food. Rice and noodle are always the main parts of the dishes. We found out we decorated our food before we eat, taste better.

Nasi LemakNoodleLatte Art
Latte art makes the coffee taste better? 

Drinking coffee is part of my daily routine, can't miss a day, even quarantine. Latte art does not make the coffee taste better but made me happier.


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