Porcelain Art in Portugal and China

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San Bento Train StationPastel De NataFamous Pasteis de Belém cafe's cup and plate in Lisbon.

Traditional Oriental Porcelain Blue Roof

ProcelainChinese PorcelainPorcelain China
Regular Porcelain China Dinnerware

Before this pandemic In 2019, I was fortunate to get to travel to 2 countries, east and west, China & Portugal. These trips fascinated me, not only the food and scenery. I was able to find traits in some kind of connections between these east and west cultures - Porcelain Art. No doubt that Porcelain origin was came from China about a thousand years ago, and Porcelain is also referred to as china or fine china in western countries. I was amazed to see how porcelain art evolved from the east to the west side of the globe—fascinated to learn how the aesthetic of the Chinoiserie movement gets so many values in the 1800 century in the west, especially in high society.

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