Pine Tree Painting

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Pine Branches

pine tree

There are two big beautiful pine trees in my neighbor's backyard. I used to get many pine cones dropped into my backyard everyday. It was quite painful when the pine cones hit my head. (grin) My neighbor told me that he had these trees since he was twelve years old when he moved into his house, and he is already at his middle age. I believe those pine trees at least 50 -75 years old.

Chinese Pine

Lately, I tried to paint a pine tree, pine needles, and branches with a Chinese brush. A pine tree seems very easy to paint, but for some reason, I had a hard time capturing the pine tree's essence with my paintbrush. Especially the branches, and the pine needles didn't seem quite right to me. I watched youtube learn from other artists' paint or sketch their pines and got some inspiration from Pinterest. It got little improvement after a few hours of practicing. I need to continue to pay more attention to my neighbor's Pine trees more, so I can capture the essence and nature of the pine tree.

Chinese Brush Pine Tree Painting

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