Narcissus Flower Painting for an Enamel Mug

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Narcissus Flower is very elegant. It is beautiful to display with the bulbs in a clear vase. Last Christmas, my client gave me a bulb vase Christmas gift from Sugarboo & Co that perfect fit for Narcissus Flower and Bulb. Here is the link to the vase. Today, I was looking for inspiration for my painting, and the Natciscus flower and bulbs came to my mind.
I practiced a couple of times before the video to make sure I like the composition, then I finalized it with the last version and shot a time-lapse video of it.
I want to create an enamel mug collection with Chinese brush painting style but in Chinoiserie Blue, giving the artwork a different face. Do you think the chinois blue modernizes the artwork? 
Chinese Brush Painting
This is the original Painting with the red sea. In Chinese painting tradition, a painting without a red seal means not complete. The Chinese word means "Narcissus" in running style calligraphy.
 Narcissus Flower
Removed the red seal and the Chinese character for the mug design
Narcissus Flower Painting
 The ink color converted to Classic Blue
Narcissus Enamel Mug

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