Moon Festival Painting

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Mid Autumn Festival Chinese Painting

Last Thursday was the mid-autumn moon festival. It is a traditional holiday of my culture, and it was very exciting to celebrate this holiday with my family back in the days in my hometown. Because this is the only holiday, our whole family and neighbors got to sit outside at our front courtyard to have dinner under the moon. The adults usually were busy preparing moon festival dinner and moon cake as dessert, and the kids were playing lanterns and candles. Of course, now, I don't get that luxury anymore to have this celebration in San Francisco.
Although no big celebration, we were still carrying on some festive spirit, so I decided to paint a moon painting with bamboo and made some tiny snow skin mooncakes at home.

Nan Rae Fine Art Artist

I'm impressed by a Chinese brush artist that I followed on youtube - Nan Rae. One of her paintings a Moonlit Snowy Bamboo, inspired me to paint this moon festival painting. I applied her technique, and I'm glad that it came out quite pleasing. 

Moon & Bamboo Chinese Brush PaintingChinese Brush Painting Table Setup

A moon festival without mooncake is not complete. Here is a glimpse of how we made our tiny snow skin mooncake. We found a recipe online, and I saw snow skin mooncake is a very similar mochi texture and much easier recipe than regular mooncake.

Mooncake Making

We made the mooncake with durian filling; not many people can tolerate the strong taste. Either you love it or hate it. I'm sure a durian fan.

Moon cake Mould

We got this moon cake mold on Amazon, it came with six patterns and about $9 per set.

Homemade Snow Skin Mooncake

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