Let's move forward to a brighter 2021!

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The year 2020 had been a crazy year for all of us. It felt like the year passed by so fast and felt so long because we are still pandemic today. I hope we all can get through this very soon! I believe after this pandemic, we all have to adopt a new lifestyle for sure. I don't blame many who have moved out of the city due to the expensive living cost. This pandemic is also giving more people opportunities to work from home, and I also see more and more creative people stand out through this pandemic to survive during this challenging year.
As for myself, I'm glad that I have opportunities to learn Chinese Brush painting that I didn't have time to do before the pandemic. Practicing Chinese Calligraphy and Chinese brush painting is a therapeutic process for mental health. Nowadays, I even carry a Daiso's Chinese brush ink pen with me and a sketchbook all the time. When I have time to kill, then I can quickly grab this pen to practice my strokes. It helped stress release and mind focused. Daiso Ink Pen

new 2021

 Let's get 2020 behind us and focus on having a new bright 2021 ahead of us! 


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