Ink Brush Painting with Daiso Pens

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Lotus flower

A couple of weeks ago, I bought these ink brush pens from Daiso to practice my Chinese Brush Painting. I have to say I'm quite impressed with the results. Well worth for $1.50 each. Another one is a duo pen; it comes with gray and black ink. I used gray ink as shadow areas to give some dimension of the leave and lotus flower. These pens can achieve pretty close to the original Chinese brush result without the hassle of dipping ink and water.
Shopping at Daiso is like shopping at Ikea, once you go into the Daiso, and you feel like you have to buy something from the store. If not, you can't sleep at night and ask yourself, why didn't I get that?
These ink brush pens are the ones I would ask myself why didn't I get these earlier.

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