Dragonfly Mug Painting Process

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Blue Dragonfly
I found a blue dragonfly rested on my deck two days ago. She allowed me to take a couple of shots of her up close. I usually see dragonflies flying or a quick stop on a plant. Her presence inspired my subject in my painting. Later, dragonflies and orchids have become a design on an enamel mug.
Below is a speeding drawing of my dragonfly and orchid design
Dragonfly on orchid
In traditional Chinese painting, always included a red seal and a poem next to the painting. I don't know any gracefulness poem to add to my painting yet, so I wrote a word of spring "春 "next to this painting. I thought it made the composition of the image more appealing.
Spring CalligraphyChinoiserie Style Painting
I scanned the original painting and converted the black ink to PMS reflex blue in photoshop and which also got inspired by the dragonfly from my backyard. 
Chinoiserie Mug

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