Chinese Painting Gift Wrap

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Chinese Painting PackagingI I like to wrap my gifts or products with kraft paper for some reasons. I think it was influenced from a Taiwanese movie I've seen back in 2008. Kraft paper gave a sense of natural and organic and romantic feel of it. I think back in the days, people used to mail their packagings with a jute string to make sure their packaging won't fall apart while transit. Nowadays, we won't allow to do that anymore because the strings would jam our post office machines. 

kraft Paper Packaging
A featured photo from a movie 海角七号

My friend's wedding is coming this October, I made a little gift for her. Lately I have been practicing Chinese Brush Painting, so adding a personal touch on the with my Chinese painting to surprise her when she open my gift. 

Chinese Painting on Kraft packagingChinese Painting Packaging

Chinese Painting Gift Wrap

What do you think, would you like to receive a gift with a Chinese painting gift wrap?


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