Chinese Calligraphy for a tearoom's sign

I always believe something happens in life for a reason. In 2019, I went to China and Portugal. I saw some connection between these east and west countries, and it is blue and white porcelain. I was fascinated by it. After the trips, I have been making ceramics, painting, and practicing Chinese calligraphy. I'm not a master of any ceramic or Chinese painting, but I'm using this blog and video to document my process.
Since the Covid-19 pandemic, I believe many people have spent more time at home since the Shelter-in-place mandated by our local government. I have spent more time painting and practicing Chinese Calligraphy and relaxing with tea drinking in the afternoon.
We have a shed in our backyard, and we wanted to convert that little shed into a tearoom. The tearoom's ideal is to incorporate the garden plants, ceramic pieces, painting, and Chinese Calligraphy. All the elements we love in this tearoom are related to "ART," so we name the tearoom to "Art," which means " 藝 "in the Chinese letter. Most Asian tearoom would have a sign in front of the tearoom, so we want to follow that tradition.
The video above is my process of making our tearoom sign. I couldn't show any pictures or video of our tearoom yet because it's still in the process of remodeling. I will post another blog just for the tearoom itself once it's finished. Below is the concept of our tearoom in our backyard.

Tearoom's Concept Sketch
This is the concept of our tearoom in our backyard.

Wooden Chinese CalligraphyChinese Calligraph on Wood
Negative space after the cut

Wood Chinese Art of Calligraphy
Attached on top of another piece of wood

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