Chinese Brush Painting Practice

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The Emperor Tiananmen Beijing Guestroom

Suzhou Mural

Chinese Calligraphy & Chinese Brush Painting are the ones of the oldest continuous artistic traditions in the world. Usually, Chinese Calligraphy and the painting incorporate together; unlike Western art, the picture typically standalone. Learning Chinese calligraphy and painting fascinated me and helped me to learn more about my culture.
Last year, I went to Beijing & Suzhou and loved all the Chinese Painting art around the cites. I stayed in a hotel, they even had a special guestroom with abstract Chinese brush strokes all over the room that was fascinated me. The China trip motivated me to learn more about Chinese Brush Painting. 

basic chinese calligraphy

Chinese Brush Practicing

I heard from the Chinese Calligraphy instructor that learning Chinese Calligraphy is like lifetime learning. It never ends learning, it required continuous practice all the time. It takes persistence, time, and patience. 

Chinese Brush Painting

Drawing Orchid leave and flower is the basic step to start, I was told to practice 100 times just the strokes.

Digital Chinese Brush painting on Procreate 


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