Autumn Persimmons Painting

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 Persimmons Chinoiserie Painting

Chinoiserie Painting
Teapot Gaiwan
Tea drinking is part of our daily ritual routine. Although we are not a professional teapot collector, we have various teapots in our house. Primarily in Chinese and Japanese style. We also love to buy tea while we were traveling, especially in Asia. We were always fascinated to see the differences between different countries serve or prepare their tea like the Japanese tea ceremony and Chinese Kung Fu Cha.

In my culture or family ritual routine, we can drink tea at any time of the day. I prefer the afternoon tea and evening after dinner. Some people couldn't drink tea in the evening because it may affect their sleep at night, but drinking tea would not affect my sleep at all. I felt it could help me to digestion in the evening.

During the pandemic, we spend more time at home and also devote more time to paint and drink tea at the same time. It is still Autumn season, seeing farmer markets are selling persimmons, and automatically persimmons have become my painting subject. I have been practicing my brushstrokes in Chinese Calligraphy and Chinese Painting lately. It helps stress release and relaxes my mind from the chaotic news on TV or social media.

Chinese Brush Painting

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