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I grow up in Southeast Asia, where a government used to ask the local-born Chinese to go back to China due to political elections or any racism conflicts. I never thought and imagined a similar situation would happen in America until the pandemic of 2020. Although in the United States, we have the highest and liberal education system, the racism issue is no different from other 3rd small-world countries. Since the pandemic started in March 2020, and 3000 hate crimes rose across the U.S. Many of them were unreported. No doubt, our previous government helped fuel the hate by saying Chinese flu or Kung flu on the news briefings during the pandemic.
On top of that, most media didn't bother to cover the hate Asian crimes across the states because it seemed not as important as news like Kanye West's wanted to be president of the United States or President Trump misspelled some words on Twitter ...or Meghan Markle revealed she had a miscarriage...
Sadly many of the attacks were on the elderly in a public place like Chinatown. I would be beyond devastated if the attack happened to my mom when she was walking in Chinatown. In our Chinese culture, we have to respect elders in the family and our society. It's a shame that in the United States, some people tend to hurt them and brutally attack elders in public for racist reason. When can we unite, embrace and stand together again like we used to be? Please stop the hate and not to attack one another in this country and let's build the economy again together.

Anti-asian hate

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