A Simple Drawing of The Devine Fruit of Autumn

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Persimmon is one of my favorite fruits in Fall; the orange color is rich and perfect for the fall season. Not only is the color so pretty, but it is also very delicious. Some named them the divine fruit of Autumn. In Chinese culture, persimmons signify luck and longevity as well as health and success in the New Year. Therefore, persimmons were popular subjects for paintings in ancient China, and they were​ ​frequently​ ​included​ ​in​ ​classical​ ​Chinese​ ​poetry, songs,​ ​poetic​ ​essays,​ ​arts,​ ​and​ ​legendary​ ​stories.​ Persimmon is a symbol of luck and a great sign of success in whatever a person wants to accomplish in life. 

As for now, Christmas and New Year are only a few weeks away. Due to the new Omicron Virant concerns, many have decided not to travel this winter. Getting together with a small group of friends and family, and giving thoughtful gifts and cards, can cheer up the holiday season a little more. So I took out my Chinese Brush and started painting again to have a festive holiday mood. I thought giving persimmon cards or even persimmon lifestyle products to friends and family could be an excellent way to wish them a prosperous new year. This is a simple drawing of persimmons, along with a video showing how it can be turned into a greeting card. I still love sending and receiving paper greeting cards, I enjoy the tactile feeling, and I keep all the greeting cards from my friends and family just like keeping old photographs and diaries.

Persimmons Greeting Card

Besides greeting cards,  I prefer to receive small gifts from family and friends rather than expensive products from major brands. The idea of giving a small gift shouldn't make you feel pressure to return it, small gifts are a gesture of appreciation and care. The water bottle is a useful lifestyle item that everyone needs. I carry a water bottle whenever I am out and about, so I am always hydrated and don't have to buy water from vending machines.

Persimmons water bottlePersimmons Water Bottle

The weather in San Francisco is always cold, so I usually wear a sweater at home, go out for a walk, and shop for groceries. In San Francisco, wearing a sweater is like wearing a T-shirt in Florida. Giving a nice sweater to your family or friends these holidays can be a great gift. As you can see a simple drawing of persimmons that can be incorporated into a lifestyle products that we can use appreciate it daily.Persimmon Sweater


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